Doggy treats

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I know there are lots of snacks and treats in the shops, but it really is good fun making your own.  There are many recipe books around, but the one I’ve used is “Mutt Munchies” by Stephanie Mehanna.  My two current boarders are discerning dogs, so the pressure was on!  In the hot weather I made Canine Coolers, fruit juice ice lollies with the ‘handles’ made of tripe sticks.  One of the dogs didn’t quite understand what to do with the ice though!  The second were Tail Twists (like cheese twists) but my dough didn’t go quite as planned, so they were Tail Stars instead.  They smelt so nice so I tried one – but they are definitely for dogs’ teeth!  They went down very well with my Quality Control Team though which was the important thing!!

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